RGEAR | Seal Wars Trailer

Seal Wars Trailer

Tune in. Set your DVRs. See it any way possible. SEAL WARS airs at 7PM on FRIDAY JUNE 8th on ANIMAL PLANET.

SEAL WARS is a one hour documentary special airing this June on Animal Planet. It follows the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s 2011 Mission in Namibia – OPERATION DESERT SEAL.

Produced by Jump the Shark Productions for Animal Planet

Produced and Directed by Anthony B. Sacco
Written and Produced by Jeff Kurr
Produced by Robert Henry and Camille Hardman
Director of Photography Anthony B. Sacco
Edited by David Henry, Robert Henry and Adam Severin
Music by Zack Kelly and David Henry
Story Editors Daniela Flynn, Connie Henry, David Henry, Aaron Holmlund Rosepepe and Alan Wall
Archival Footage Courtesy of Bont Voor Dieren and the Australian Broadcasting Company
Security by Tyrone Kupritz

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