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About Us


At RGEAR Worldwide we provide full service audio, technical and camera rentals. As an exclusive boutique rental house, we have the freedom and flexibility to meet all of your technical production needs. We specialize in Reality TV but name your job and we’ll get it done; from renting the gear to supplying your audio and tech teams; we can do it all.

R History

In 2006 when the industry veterans, Technical Supervisor Steve Abrego and Audio Supervisor Gregg Kita combined forces and bought gear, RGEAR was formed. Together they had over 25 years of experience and an all star team of skilled technicians whose dedication and loyalty is second to none. Since then, RGEAR has continued to grow, consistently expanding their equipment and client base. They have surpassed even the highest of expectations to become an industry leading, boutique video and audio rental house.

R Mission Statement

R Gear, R People, and R Solutions providing the best possible service to R Clients.