RGEAR | Dan Norton

Dan Norton


Norton entered the industry back in 1995.  He began his career as a field audio mixer on such shows as MTV’s Beach House, A Current Affair, and VH-1’s Behind The Music.

In the past 16 years, working in various situations on numerous television shows around the world, Norton has perfected the art of troubleshooting on location.  He finds his best talents out in the field.  Norton knows how to deliver quality audio while keeping Producers and Exec’s at ease.
Norton loves a challenge, which is why being thrown into new locations everyday is exciting to him.  Whether mixing ENG or multi-track audio, Dan has the foresight and tools to adapt to any situation.
Norton has an extensive list of credits.  Here are a few of his favorites …

Bachelor Series – Supervising audio department of up to 15 mixers, tons of gear and mixing in the field all across the globe.

I Survived A Japanese Game Show – Challenging and rewarding experience to work side by side with the locals incorporating both crew’s equipment to make it work.

Jeff Corwin Experience – Small scale 6 person crew following wildlife in remote parts of the world. Priceless.

Dan Norton’s Resume