RGEAR | David Bukowski

David Bukowski


“Boo Cow” started his professional journey in audio in 2001.  His years as a DJ paved the way for a natural transition into the field.  Dave loves the technical side of audio and is always willing to help and answer questions.  These two attributes -in addition to many others – make him a valuable team member.  From his start as an audio mixer to his current position as a supervisor, “Boo Cow” has pretty much seen it all.  Though travelling the world with “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” was one of his favorite shows to work on nothing can compare to getting a personal tour of the Saturn 5 rocket by Buzz Aldrin while filming “Living for the Moment”.

“Boo Cow” has overseen audio on “Starmaker” and “Daisy of Love” in addition to many more.  He specializes in control room setups, ENG mixing and multitrack recording.