RGEAR | Gregg Kita

Gregg Kita

Gregg Kita is a fifteen-year industry veteran and one of the pioneers of audio for large-cast reality television shows.  His analytic, problem solving nature and audio are a perfect match.  “Kita” was there from day one to launch some of the most successful TV shows in reality history such as; “The Bachelor/Bachelorette”, “The Apprentice”, “Junkyard Wars” and “Fear Factor.” These shows have taken Kita all across the globe; however travelling the world with Robin Leach for Food Network’s “Gourmet Getaways” has definitely been his favorite.

In 2006 Gregg Kita and Steve Abrego founded RGEAR Worldwide.  Gregg continues to forge new paths in audio and can still be found in the field staying up to date with the latest technologies, consulting on various shoots, and working on shows as an Audio Supervisor.  Thanks to his many years in the industry, Gregg Kita has managed to assemble a skilled team that is second to none.