RGEAR | Ian MacKenzie Cain

Ian MacKenzie Cain

With more than 10 years of television production experience, Ian delivers what RGEAR clients want from their production teams: creativity, expertise, and a gift for making the complex seem simple. A native of the Midwest, Ian’s strong work ethic has served him well in his career. Ian has worked as a production coordinator, camera assistant, technical coordinator and tech supervisor. In his own words: “I know the most important thing for clients is giving them what they want and making them happy.”

Ian’s specialties include:

Tech room set-up
P.O.V. Rigging
Stunt P.O.V. Shooting
Video village

Show’s Ian has worked on:

The Voice 1 & 2
One Born Every Minute 1 & 2
The Jay Leno Show
Love Games 3
I Love Money 1, 2, 3 & 4
Flavor of Love 1 & 2

Ian MacKenzie Cain’s Resume