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hKristen Olmo

Fascinated with electronics & the technical aspect of audio, Kristen Olmo, a.k.a “K.O.”, began her journey into the world of Television & Film back in 2004. As a young Hispanic female, “K.O.” has excelled through the ranks with determination and fervor working diligently towards her goal of Audio Supervising – in which she holds the distinction of being one of the few female Supervisors in the field.

“Whether I’m working ENG, Mobile or Studio Multi-tracking, or just providing custom installations…staying versatile and adaptable have been important lessons to learn along the journey coupled with the art of troubleshooting & clear communication.”

K.O. has worked on numerous projects over the years.

Her personal favorites have been “Oprah’s Season 25: Behind the Scenes”, “Q’Viva: The Chosen”, & “Dancing With the Stars.”

Kristen’s Resume