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Tim Puzo


Tim Puzo got his start in the industry while working at a large scale rental house where he pulled gear for such shows as “Americas Next Top Model,” “The Bachelor” and “Extreme Home.” During his time there, he worked side by side with Audio and Tech supervisors to learn exactly what was needed for each television show production. “The best thing about working in a rental house is you see first hand what goes out on shows and what gear can be problematic. Gear prepping, whether alone or with a show’s supervisor,  ensured that all equipment was in perfect working order before going on set. The whole experience helped in making sure that my clients had all the right gear for the job and that it performed flawlessly.

Now in his 6th year as an audio mixer, Puzo still uses his rental house knowledge in the field. Problem solving, house builds and prepping shows are what Puzo does best.  He enjoys a high-speed work place and excels in multitasking.

Some of Tim’s favorite shows are “The Bachelor/Bachelorette”, “She’s Got the Look” and “Celebrity Paranormal Project.

Tim Puzo’s Resume