RGEAR | Tom Fry

Tom Fry

Tom’s interest in tech started the traditional way; he wanted to connect his TV to his VCR and have the surround sound work.  From idolizing the cable repair guy to taking apart his stereo at the age of eleven to “see how it works”; Tom has been technically driven since he was a boy.  Tom officially joined the industry in 2003 and has quickly risen to the top with his work ethic and natural talent.  At this stage in Tom’s career he is proud to have reached these lofty heights – proud of the product he delivers and proud of the other members of his team.  Surrounded by such talented individuals Tom counts himself lucky to still be able to learn something new every day.

Tom specializes in POV rigging, surveillance and wireless video.

Shows that Tom has worked on:

Surf Girls
Joe Millionaire
My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé
Celebrity Apprentice